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Termites Love Charleston, SC Homes

Termites may live in every state except Alaska, but they thrive in South Carolina's humid climate. If you don't have termite protection for your Charleston home, it's only a matter of time before they find their way inside. Protecting your home from termite damage doesn't have to be complicated. Let Anchor Pest Management take the worry off your mind.

Our Termite Control Offerings

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Free Inspection

Determining if termites are already present in your house is a critical first step in the treatment process. Our inspections are incredibly thorough. Not only do we look for signs of termite activity, but we also look for conducive conditions that may lead to a termite infestation in the future. We are committed to helping our customers keep their homes termite-free.

Upon completion of our inspection, we'll provide you with a graph of your house that includes our findings and recommendations on what you can do to help avoid a termite infestation.


As a company that is Termidor® HE certified, Anchor Pest Management is proud to provide our customers with the #1 termite defense product.

Termidor works by creating a barrier around your house that is undetectable to termites. When they cross the barrier, they pick up the termiticide and bring it back to their colony, transferring it to the other members. Eventually, this wipes out the entire colony.

For homes that are already built, we dig a trench around the entire perimeter, inject the product, then fill in the trench. For new construction, we will treat the soil before the slab is poured.


Your termite control service includes a follow-up from a manager five days after the treatment to ensure that everything was performed correctly. You'll also receive our termite warranty. For homes already built, you'll receive a full termite protection plan that covers damage and re-treatments up to one million dollars. For pre-construction treatments, you'll receive a five-year warranty that is renewable.

Wood-Destroying Insect Reports

We also offer WDI/WDO reports. If you're in the process of buying or selling a home, you may be required to have one of these performed. Even if it's not a requirement, it's a good idea to have one done for your peace of mind. We will inspect your home for any signs of termite activity and write the report for your records.

Termite Protection For Your Charleston, SC Home

Termites are a serious problem in Charleston. Once inside your house, they can cause serious damage to its structural integrity. Protect it with the help of Anchor Pest Management's termite control services. Our services are thorough, effective, and warrantied. Contact us to schedule your free termite inspection today.


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