Why You Need Professional Help With Rodents In Your Charleston Home

December 15, 2020

Did you know that mice and rats are two of the most common pests that Charleston homeowners deal with? These rodents are a problem you’ll likely deal with at one point or another if you take care of a home for long enough. 

a house mouse crawling through a cupboard

While mice and rats are two different species of rodents, they look similar and cause similar problems around a home. However, it’s very unlikely to have an infestation of both at the same time. But, many people have a hard time identifying which rodent they are dealing with since rats and mice look rather similar. 
Two key differences between mice and rats are their noses and their tails. Mice have more triangular, pointed noses while rats have blunter faces. Mice also have thinner, longer tails in proportion to their bodies whereas rats have thicker, shorter tails that are scaly. In general, mice also have much larger ears in proportion to their heads than rats do.

Why Rodents Are So Dangerous

While it can be easy to think rodents aren’t that much of a problem, they come with an entire list of health and safety issues they can cause. They are one of the most challenging pests to confront, especially if the infestation gets out of hand. From property damage to food contamination to health risks, they aren’t just a nuisance pest. Here are five of the biggest risks associated with rodent infestations:

  • They can spread about 35 different diseases such as hantavirus and salmonella.
  • Their feces, if allowed to build up in walls, can cause respiratory issues.
  • It’s not uncommon for rats and mice to carry parasites such as fleas. 
  • They can cause safety risks in your home if they chew through electrical wires or plumbing.
  • Many people have allergic reactions or asthma attacks that are caused by a rodent’s fur, droppings, and urine.

What Are The Signs Of Rodent Infestation?

Being able to recognize an infestation early on can help you avoid spending money on repairs and also make it less likely that you’ll experience any health problems because of rodents. Spotting an infestation soon after it starts will simplify removal as rodents will reproduce exponentially making them harder and harder to control.
The most common signs of a rat or mouse infestation include finding small, rod-shaped droppings, hearing scurrying from inside of walls, noticing gnaw marks of holes around walls and baseboards, and smelling a musty, urine odor.

Why It’s Risky To Remove Rodents On Your Own

If you see rodents around your Charleston home, you might try to remove them on your own using common DIY (do it yourself)  methods, but this isn’t advisable. Most rodent removal methods you might try are unlikely to get rid of the entire infestation. Both rodent traps and bait will probably eliminate a few individuals, but they won’t get them all.
But, the even bigger problem is that these DIY measures can be dangerous for young children and pets. Bait is often colorful, so pets or even children could mistake this poison for food. Traps may not be as dangerous as the bait, but certain traps could injure a child or a pet.

Why You Should Call The Professionals If You Have Rodents

Rodents can pose many problems for Charleston homeowners, so it’s important to remove them as quickly as possible. However, since taking rodent control into your own hands is ineffective and dangerous, the most reliable and safest way to remove mice or rats is through help from Anchor Pest Management.
We have over 30 years of experience, so you can trust that we will get the job done. We are also able to offer same-day and emergency services in many situations. To get started you can request a free estimate or inspection from the professionals at Anchor Pest Management today by giving us a call at (843) 594-2705.

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