7 Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

June 10, 2020

Everyone wants to live in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina – not just people, but rodents, ants, termites, palmetto bugs, bees, wasps, and mosquitoes, too! At one point or another, every home in the Lowcountry will suffer from pests. Once they’re in the house, you can try getting rid of them yourself or you can contact a pest control company to help.

But it’s even better to keep bugs and other pests out of your house in the first place, so here are seven tips for no-stress pest prevention.

mice eating cheerios in a cabinet

Keep your house clean and don’t leave food out. Pests of all kinds, from palmetto bugs (cockroaches) to ants to fruit flies to mice will stick around if they find it easy to grab a meal from your house. Be sure to clean crumbs and spills thoroughly; it may seem small to you, but it’s a feast for a small creature.

Use screens and keep them in good shape. Something as simple as adding screens to windows and doors can go a long way towards keeping unwanted bugs and rodents out. Don’t forget to put screens on vents that lead to the inside of your home, too. And fix any holes you find in your screens ASAP.

Plug the holes in your house. It’s impossible to seal up every crack and crevice leading in your house, but do what you can. Caulk windows and make sure doors shut tightly to keep out ants. Fill cracks in your foundation to make it hard for termites and mice to get in. Don’t forget to look for openings in your attic, too, where squirrels can enter.

Store firewood, lumber, and other wood correctly. Termites eat wood. If you’re storing firewood or other wood on the ground near your home, you’re making it easy for them to move in and set up a colony. Instead, store wood off the ground and away from the house.

Forget the cardboard. It’s hard to bring zero cardboard into the home, but try. Termites eat cardboard, too, and you can unknowingly bring these ant-like pests into the house via cardboard boxes.

Eliminate leaks and standing water sources. This will help deter mosquitos, termites, roaches, and more. Fix leaking pipes and faucets, keep gutters clear and in working order, and get rid of spots where water accumulates both inside and outside your home.

Trim tree branches so they’re not touching your roof. Ideally, tree branches should be 8 feet away from your roof – yes, squirrels can jump that far! From there, they can gain access to your attic. If that’s a no-go, install a baffle on your tree.

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