The Best Way To Protect Your Charleston Home From Pests

February 15, 2021

Now that the cool weather has settled in, the peak of bug season is over and you can finally stop worrying about pests invading your home. Or so you think.

Although there may not be as many mosquitoes, wasps, and flies outside, the winter months can still attract nasty pests inside. Household pests can destroy your property and spread disease to you and your family. And as hard as you may try, those pests aren’t always easy to get rid of on your own.

Pest problems can happen in your home all year long. So, if you want to protect your Charleston home from pests, keep reading.

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Home Pest Control Is Difficult On Your Own

When you discover a trail of ants on your kitchen counter, you might reach for an over-the-counter insecticide to eliminate the problem. You may even buy a few ant bait traps to set up around the house. The ants go away for a few days, but sure enough, they return in force to swarm the first sugary spill you forgot to clean up.

Trying to control pests on your own can be frustrating; in fact, it can feel like a waste of time. You can treat your home for insects, but the results are often superficial. You can only get rid of the pests you can see. Stomping, spraying, and trapping might seem like it’s working, but where there’s one pest, there are probably dozens or even thousands more nearby. And without eliminating the nests, colonies, or breeding grounds of problem pests, an infestation will not only continue, it will get worse.

Not to mention, household pests are frequently misidentified, and homeowners mistakenly use pest control methods to eliminate one kind of pest when they’re really trying to get rid of another. For example, bed bugs can be mistaken for other small insects, venomous brown recluse spiders are regularly confused with other household species and particular ant species can easily be mistaken for another.

Dealing with pests in your home can feel like a never-ending battle. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Protect Your Home With Anchor Pest Management

For over 25 years, the professionals at Anchor Pest Management have been providing comprehensive pest control solutions to our clients. Our pest control programs are designed to provide maximum protection from pests, both on the exterior and interior of your property. We will eliminate the pests you have now and defend your home from pests in the future.

Our service starts with a free inspection. We will come to your home to assess your situation, examining everything from the attic to the back yard, and identify any problem areas in need of treatment. After completing an inspection of your home, we will offer you an estimate for service and you can begin treatment.

Anchor Pest Management’s residential services provide solutions to a wide variety of pest problems. Our technicians will first treat the exterior of your property, removing spider webs and wasps nests, applying liquid pest control treatment to the perimeter of your home, and sealing any cracks, holes, or entry points that pests may use.

Next, we will install pest monitors in hotspots around the interior of your home and treat entry points with a safe treatment in accordance with IPM protocol. We will return on a monthly or quarterly basis as needed to perform exterior treatments, and should your pests ever return, so will we.

And for specialized pest problems on your property, we also offer mosquito, termite, and moisture control treatments.

If you’re tired of dealing with household pests on your own, don’t wait another minute. Contact Anchor Pest Management to find out how to get started today.

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