Preparing Your Charleston Yard For Mosquito Season

March 15, 2021

Regardless of the season, the time is now to prep your Charleston property for mosquito season. If this is the goal, how do you protect your land not just for a year, but for life?

mosquito biting skin of arm

First, you need to understand what mosquitoes are and where they like to hang out. Everyone knows the basic description of these hungry bugs. They are tiny, winged pests with a distinctive long proboscis through which they feed. What do they feed on? Male mosquitoes exclusively drink nectar, but the females are not so harmless. These are the obnoxious pests who drink the blood of large mammals, including humans. Females often live in proximity to a source of water, as they feed the blood they steal to their aquatic larvae. These water sources are some of their favorite places to hang out when not hunting for prey many, many times their size.

Here’s How Dangerous Mosquitoes Can Really Be

Mosquitoes are often thought to be mere nuisance pests, as they drain bodily fluids and leave annoying, itchy bumps in their wake, but this assumption is dangerously narrow-minded. For one thing, the bumps mosquitoes leave after their bites can be easily scratched to the point of opening, creating a bleeding wound ripe for infection. Unfortunately, the risk of infection from mosquitoes is much more often than that. Mosquitoes are perhaps one of the most extensive disease carriers in the world of pests, with diseases ranging from malaria to Lyme and dengue to encephalitis under their wing. Nobody should have to deal with these infected needles in their bloodstream.

Tips For Reducing Mosquito Populations On Your Charleston Property

Mosquitoes can be downright unpredictably dangerous to humans, but how do you stop their invasions come spring and summer? Luckily, Anchor Pest Management knows exactly how you can reduce mosquito populations around your Charleston home. Take notes of the steps listed below and see what works best for you:

  • Female mosquitoes, those who bite humans, tend to hang out in a certain proximity to the source of water that houses their aquatic babies. As such, if you want to reduce mosquito populations, you need to dump out anything collecting water over time, whether it's empty flower pots, pools, or bowls for outdoor pets.
  • Speaking of pets, if you own a dog or cat, be mindful of the time they spend outside, as they too can attract bloodthirsty mosquitoes. Be especially wary around sunrise or sunset, as mosquitoes are most active around these periods.
  • Dogs and cats may not help reduce mosquito populations, but other animals can. If there is a pond or the like on your property, fish will often eat larvae before they can grow up and take flight. For a more aerial alternative, set up feeders to attract insect-hungry birds onto the premises.

The last, most important, step you need to take, in order to decrease mosquito populations continuously over the years, is something you can’t do on your own. After all, nothing combats pests like the methodology of a specialist. Contact Anchor Pest Management for professional mosquito treatments and prevention measures.

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